OG Eddy Lepp


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About this Indica Strain

The indica cannabis strain OG Eddy Lepp won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013. It produces buds that are usually more brown than green, with orange hairs and lots of trichomes. Its scent is both woody and earthy, tasting of tropical fruits.

The parent strains of OG Eddy Lepp are currently unknown, shrouded in mystery.

The THC levels of OG Eddy Lepp are debatable, but it does have higher CBD levels making this strain perfect for both recreational and medical use. Its high will calm the mind and release negativity. It will also create a couch-lock as it relaxes the muscles – but, it can also increase creativity making it a fun strain to use while pursuing hobbies (that aren’t physical because of its sedating effects). Reviewers have noted this strain’s ability to help increase appetite, relieve stress, and rid the body of chronic aches. 

The negative side-effects of this strain include both anxiousness and paranoia if consumed improperly. 

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