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About this Indica Strain

The landrace indica cannabis strain named Lashkar Gah is named after its origins in south Afghanistan. Its buds are a deep green and shaped like hearts, covered with both amber pistils and a thick layer of sparkling trichomes. Its scent is skunky, spicy, and of fresh soil – tasting similar. 

Lashkar Gah is a landrace strain, having no parent strains but rather being native in the southern regions of Afghanistan. 

THC levels average between 11-13%, making this strain a great choice for novice consumers. Its high offers a mellow, at-ease euphoria and will relieve both the body and mind of all stress. It’s recommended to consume this landrace strain in the evenings or at night as it may cause a bit of sleepiness or laziness. Reviewers note it’s a great choice for watching movies or engaging in easy-going activities with others. Some note that small bouts of the giggles may arise.

Ill side-effects include dry mouth and eyes, with rarely any others being reported. 

It takes about nine weeks for Lashkar Gah to fully flower. 

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 11-13%

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Indica Lashkar Gah