Tangerine Twist


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About this Hybrid Strain

The hybrid Tangerine Twist is a potent hybrid that’s hard to find since it’s only grown in Nevada, and offers consumers a powerful flavor profile that stays true to its name. When you open up your package of Tangerine Twist, you’ll be flooded with the scent of tangerines that’ll make your mouth water.

Because of this strain’s strong terpene profile, its synergistic effects with cannabinoids are believed by many to improve the body’s senses while stimulating the mind. Often, it has been reported to improve mood and relieve stress and has been enjoyed by its consumers for safe outdoor activities. It contains a decent amount of the terpene Myrcene, meaning it’s believed to help alleviate pain on a higher level while also inducing relaxation that can lead to sleepiness as well as lowering inflammation levels. Myrcene is also believed by some to help THC bridge the blood-brain barrier, so higher levels of Myrcene in a cannabis strain may lead to a more potent high. Because of this, users have suggested that you start slowly with Tangerine Twist and always wait a while before smoking or vaping more to avoid overdoing it. Novice consumers should take heed with this strain.

THC levels can vary but are known to be high, so cannabis connoisseurs can enjoy both the effects as well as flavor and taste Tangerine Twist has to offer.

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