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About this Hybrid Strain

The Purple Mango cannabis strain is believed to be made with Mango Kush and an unknown member of the Purple family. Although it is sativa-dominant, it looks more like an indica with tightly-packed forest and fern-green leaves. A thick array of orange pistils is present. The trichomes brighten up the buds, making them look like they’re covered in moss.

Purple Mango emits an herbal and floral scent, with rich tones of grapes and a sweet mango flavor. The sweet, fruity taste can be sour or spicy. The pungent mango flavor remains as a pleasant aftertaste. The reputed energetic high of the Purple Mango strain can leave one somewhat spacey. Consumers have reported that focusing is more difficult while others couldn’t take anything seriously and had fits of the giggles. Purple Mango weed has been used by some as a daytime strain to help numb chronic pain, stimulate the appetite, or push through the early and monotonous parts of the day. Other users have also reported a positive effect on mood and increased ability to deal with stress. Purple Mango THC levels generally fall between 16-19%

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