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About this Hybrid Strain

The cured nuggets of NYPD or New York Power Diesel are dotted with deep greens amid orange and white pistils. Its scent is reminiscent of diesel and lemons, its lineage stems from crossing Aurora Indica with a Mexican sativa strain.

Because of its diverse genetics, effects may include both sativa and indica influences according to reviewers. Some have reported feeling an indica-like relaxation spread through both body and mind while experiencing better focus or cerebral euphoria. A few have stated they’ve enjoyed bouts of the giggles while consuming NYPD as well.

THC levels for NYPD usually average in the mid-20’s while CBD levels remain low. Some reviewers have shared that they’ve used NYPD to help with insomnia and symptoms of depression.

Genetic Lineage

NYPD - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid NYPD
Aurora - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Aurora
Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Hytiva Cannabis Strain Placeholder
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About NYPD

What is NYPD?

NYPD, also known as New York Power Diesel, is a popular sativa-dominant hybrid strain known for its energizing effects and diesel-like aroma.

Where does NYPD come from?

NYPD is a cross between Aurora Indica and a Mexican sativa.

What does NYPD smell like?

NYPD typically has a strong and pungent aroma reminiscent of diesel fuel. It exudes a distinctive fragrance that can also carry notes of citrus, earthiness, and spices. The scent profile is often described as sharp.

What does NYPD taste like?

The flavor profile of NYPD is usually a combination of diesel and citrus, with hints of earthiness and spices. It offers a tangy and zesty taste experience.

What color does NYPD have?

NYPD's buds come in shades of medium to dark green, often with burnt-orange pistils and a fine coating of white trichomes. The buds are leafy and moderately dense.

What effects does NYPD have?

NYPD is known for its energizing and uplifting effects. Many describe a cerebral high that gives them mental clarity, focus, and motivation. Some note it brings them new perspective and insight that can assist with making a well-informed decision. Many acclaim it also increases their energy and with it they gain a desire to be productive and or social.

Is NYPD an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

NYPD is classified as a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.