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Nixon is an evenly-balanced hybrid strain that pays homage to the iconic President Richard Nixon. Just like the man himself, this strain exudes a complex and intriguing character. Nixon buds are bight green with flowers are dense, and tightly packed. Bright orange pistils twist and weave through the buds, adding a striking contrast to the overall appearance as a generous coating of white trichomes covers the surface.

Nixon has an aroma that is both earthy and herbal. It emits the scent of fresh pine with subtle undertones of spice and sweetness. The flavor of Nixon is primarily earthy and spicy, accented by a subtle sweetness. Many note flavors of wood and pine.

Nixon is reported to offer physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. Many say they initially feel a wave of calmness that frees the body of tension and pain. This relaxation is said to gradually spread throughout the body and bring with it a sense of tranquility and serenity. In the mind, consumers feel inspired as Nixon is said to spark creativity and introspection, allowing for deep contemplation and enhanced focus.

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Nixon - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Nixon

Frequently Asked Questions About Nixon

What is Nixon?

Nixon is a unique balanced hybrid strain known for its distinct characteristics and effects. It is named after the former United States President, Richard Nixon.

Where does Nixon come from?

Nixon has a lineage that remains a mystery.

What does Nixon smell like?

Nixon has an earthy and herbal aroma with hints of citrus and pine. The scent is often described as pungent with a touch of sweetness.

What does Nixon taste like?

Nixon tastes of earthy, woody, and herbal flavors. There are also undertones of spice and sweetness.

What color does Nixon have?

Nixon buds usually display vibrant shades of green, dense and fluffy. They have neon-orange pistils and a heavy white trichome coverage.

Is Nixon an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Nixon is a evenly-balanced hybrid strain.

What effects does Nixon have?

Nixon has well-balanced effects, providing both cerebral and physical sensations. It offers a euphoric and uplifting high that can enhance mood and creativity. At the same time, it induces a sense of relaxation and physical comfort.