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Murderous Precision is a sativa-leaning hybrid that's not for the faint of heart. This strain offers an experience that's sharp and focused. Murderous Precision's buds are medium sized, come in densely packed nuggets, and are a light green shade. The flowers have yellow highlights, long orange pistils, and a heavy coating of amber trichomes.

Popping open a container of Murderous Precision releases a pungent, sharp aroma that carries the scents of earth, herbs, spice, and a hint of diesel fuel. Its tastes of a bold mix of earth and wood with a distinct diesel undertone. The flavor is uncompromising and direct, leaving a lingering, slightly spicy aftertaste.

Consumers have shared that Murderous Precision lives up to its name with effects that are as sharp a well-honed blade. The high starts with a rapid onset of mental energy and a heightened sense of alertness. It's as if a switch has been flipped, sharpening your focus and mental acuity to a razor's edge. Users say this strain is ideal for tasks that require intense concentration, making it a favorite among those in creative and professional fields.

Genetic Lineage

Frequently Asked Questions About Murderous Precision

What is Murderous Precision?

Murderous Precision is an intense and potent cannabis strain known for its powerful effects and unique flavor profile.

Where does Murderous Precision come from?

Murderous Precision's exact lineage is currently not shared.

What does Murderous Precision smell like?

The aroma of Murderous Precision is intense and pungent. It exudes strong earthy and fuel notes with hints of herbal and spicy undertones.

What does Murderous Precision taste like?

In terms of taste, Murderous Precision delivers a bold and powerful smoke that reveals a rich and earthy flavor, accompanied by strong notes of fuel, spice, and herbs. This intense combination leaves a potent and lasting aftertaste.

What color does Murderous Precision have?

Murderous Precision's buds are light green, occasionally with yellow highlights. The flowers are accentuated by long brownish-orange pistils and a thick dusting of amber trichomes.

What effects does Murderous Precision have?

Murderous Precision's effects are characterized by their stimulating and channeling qualities. Many describe feeling like their mind is jump started with extra energy, drive, and focus.

Is Murderous Precision an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Murderous Precision is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain.