Master OG


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About this Hybrid Strain

Master OG is the result of crossing genetics from Master Kush and Empress Kush, making this an indica-dominant hybrid. Its buds tend to be dense and may have light shades of purple intertwined within the forest green flowers. Its pistils are copper in color and cured nuggets can have a dusting of trichomes that lighten its hues.

The tastes and smells of Master OG are like its kush heritage, though not as intense as some which many find a good thing. Notes of pine and citrus are laced within its earthy overtone, and some have described it as a bit sour.

Some reviewers have reported this strain warming their body and heavying their eyelids. This strain is popular because most have said it has helped with insomnia and prepared them for a good night’s sleep. Not many heady effects have been reported, so Master OG is more widely used in the medicinal community for it’s potential to help with sleep and reduce aches and pains.