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King Louis XIII was a well-respected and powerful French king from the 1600s giving the inspiration for the name of this powerful cannabis strain. This strain is a phenotype of OG Kush that was created by cross breeding it with LA Confidential. It’s a heavy indica with THC testing around 24% on average but has even tested up to 28%!

The thick and sticky layer of resinous trichomes gives the flower a lime-green appearance. In not so dense areas of trichome crystals, one can see the original forest-green leaves. A thick net of orange pistils encases the nuggets making up for at least half of the color. Breaking these sticky buds up releases the gassy and citrus fumes, complimenting the scent of pine and skunk in the air. The blending of these flavors makes smoking Louis XIII quite a treat.

Louis XIII is known to trigger deep feelings of relaxation that start up in the head. Pressure and tension behind the eyes and in the temples become released. This release of tension carries over to emotions as stress and worry dissolve. This relaxing effect works its way out of the mind and through the muscles of the body. As the cerebral effect wears off, the muscles of the body become heavier. The heavy muscles and calm mind are now in a peaceful state. Any feelings of intestinal discomfort subside, and appetite is stimulated. Medical users suffering from insomnia are reporting that Louis XIII helps promote a deep and restful sleep. Users prone to stress, anxiety, and mood disorders may benefit from Louis XIII, although the strength of this strain may be too much for inexperienced users.

Growing Louis XIII is not the easiest, especially outdoors. It requires a sunny and dry climate, making it much easier to grow indoors. Daytime temperature needs to stay at about 65-80 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum growth. It responds well to hydroponics and requires a substantial amount of food and light. This strain grows relatively fast and can fully flower in 8 weeks. Louis XIII is an excellent yielder and is capable of giving 1.5 pounds of flower per plant indoors, and 2 pounds of flower per plant outdoors!

Genetic Lineage

Louis XIII - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Louis XIII
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Afghani Origin
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Frequently Asked Questions About Louis XIII

What is Louis XIII?

Louis XIII was the King of France back in the 1600’s who had a lot of power and commanded respect, thus inspiring the name of this strain.

What does Louis XIII mean?

Louis XIII is the name given to a powerful Indica-dominant cannabis strain.

Where does Louis XIII come from?

Louis XIII came about by taking a phenotype of OG Kush and cross breeding it with LA confidential.

What does Louis XIII smell like?

Wet earth, pine and skunk make up the odors of Louis XIII.

What does Louis XIII taste like?

Louis XIII tastes like pine and skunk, with a citrus and gas aftertaste.

What color does Louis XIII have?

Louis XIII is lime-green mostly with sticky white trichomes covering the flower. In less dense the forest-green really contrasts. The nuggets appear to be caught in a thick net of orange pistils.

What effects does Louis XIII have?

Louis XIII has a remarkable effect of releasing tension in the head and brain according to consumers. This carries over to the emotions, allowing the release of negative feelings leading to an improved mood. Next, the muscles of the body relax leading to heavy feelings of sedation. This is a powerful strain with the potential to trigger paranoia in individuals prone to it.

Is Louis XIII an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Louis XIII is an indica-dominant hybrid strain, approximately 70% Indica and 30% Sativa.