Illuminati OG


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About this Hybrid Strain

If you like your cannabis to smell like sweet earth or pine, you’ll enjoy opening a package of Illuminati OG. It has hints of citrus as well, and produces large trichome-covered buds with vivid orange pistils jetting out from their cores.

THC levels of Illuminati OG have been reported as high as 31%, but most batches tend to average just below this. Regardless, it seems a common assumption that this strain is quite potent. Fans of this strain have described its effects as beginning in the crown of the head, causing it to tingle and relax, then melting its way down the spine and rest of the body. They’ve said they’ve experienced such things as deep relaxation, introspection, creative and philosophical thinking, along with hunger and bit of sedation as the high dissipates.


Illuminati’s lineage is currently shrouded in mystery as the name might hint, though it’s been said to come from a Club 33 OG phenome. Illuminati OG is an indica-leaning hybrid.

Genetic Lineage