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Grape Romulan is a strain that perhaps all Star Trek lovers should try. Some consumers have said it had an uplifting effect, clarifying their mind enough to engage in activities with deeper focus. They’ve further reported that Grape Romulan’s generally long-lasting effects end with slight sleepiness. A full-body relaxation may take over the consumer, and this strain has the potential to relieve symptoms of depression, anxiety and chronic pain, some have reported.

THC levels of Grape Romulan range in the high teens. Its lineage comes from crossing the renowned Romulan and Grapefruit strains.
The cured nuggets of Grape Romulan surprisingly aren’t shaded with may purple hues, but rather neon greens. Its buds are dense, and its aroma of sweet earth and fruit become more pungent as they’re broken apart.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Grape Romulan

What is Grape Romulan?

Grape Romulan is a delicious heavy indica-dominant hybrid

Where does Grape Romulan come from?

Grape Romulan is a cross of Romulan and Grapefruit

What does Grape Romulan smell like?

Grape Romulan has a very pleasant and inviting aroma that is sugary like sweet fruit. It has notes of earthiness and a little bit of sour musk.

What does Grape Romulan taste like?

Grape Romulan tastes much like how its smells with the sweet grape flavor coming out even more. On the backend you'll notice the more sour and earth notes.

What color does Grape Romulan have?

A properly cured Grape Romulan has neon green buds with hues of light purple and red. It has stout orange pistils and a thick coating of white trichomes which give the rounded buds dense and sticky characteristics

What effects does Grape Romulan have?

Fans of Grape Romulan brag about its potent and long-lasting effects. They say they immediately notice a euphoric boost and elevated mood which then transitions into a deep relaxation in their body. Users of Grape Romulan warn that this is a strain which consuming too much could leave you feeling dizzy and too far out of this world.

Is Grape Romulan an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Grape Romulan is a heavy indica-dominant hybrid