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About this Hybrid Strain

Durban Flame is a fiery and potent sativa-dominant cannabis strain that is highly regarded for its energizing and uplifting effects. Named after its origins in Durban, South Africa, this strain offers a distinct flavor and a stimulating high. Durban Flame buds are typically medium to large and have a dense, sharp and chunky structure. The nugs showcase a vibrant forest green, can have purple hightlights, have short fiery pistils and a fine coating of trichomes.

Durban Flame has an aroma that is sweet and spicy, with highlights of citrus and pine, and an earthy undertone. When consumed, it offers a flavor described as tangy citrus with hints of tropical fruit and subtle spices.

Reviewers of Durban Flame enjoy it for the energizing high it provides that includes cerebral stimulation and mental clarity. Many say this boosts their creativity, motivation and focus, making it suitable for artistic pursuits, brainstorming sessions and social activities. For these reasons, they say it is a great day-time strain.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 21.86%
Δ9-THC: 0.44%
THC-A: 24.42%
CBG-A: 2.41%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Beta Myrcene: 0.256%
Alpha Pinene: 0.132%
Beta Caryophyllene: 0.103%

Genetic Lineage

African Origin

Frequently Asked Questions About Durban Flame

What is Durban Flame?

Durban Flame is a sativa-leaning hybrid strain known for its energizing and uplifting effects.

Where does Durban Flame come from?

Durban Flame has an unknown exact lineage but is believed to stem from a cross with Durban Poison.

What does Durban Flame smell like?

Durban Flame has a sweet and spicy scent, with notes of citrus, pine and earthiness.

What does Durban Flame taste like?

The taste profile of Durban Flame is of sweet and tangy citrus, along with earthy and pine notes. It is said to have a spicy aftertaste.

What color does Durban Flame have?

The color of Durban Flame's buds can vary, but they typically display shades of vibrant forest green, sometimes with hints of purple or orange. The buds are dense, with an ample amount of trichomes and pistils.

What effects does Durban Flame have?

Durban Flame is known for its energizing effects, making it a popular choice for daytime use. It tends to induce a clear-headed and focused mental state, promoting creativity and productivity.

Is Durban Flame an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Durban Flame is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.