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The breeders at T.H. Seeds out of Amsterdam created Critical Hog by taking the 2002 High Times Cannabis Cup Indica of the year, “The Hog” and crossing it with the potent Indica-dominant “Critical Mass.” The result is an odd-looking strain with long brown leaves, deep streaks of purple, and thick light-bulb shaped buds sporting of a full head of long-orange hairs sprouting from the green flower.

With its bushy red hair and THC levels reaching up to 20%, Critical Hog has quickly earned a reputation as high-powered Indica. The plant smells like a garden of lavender flowers in the thick of a pine-tree forest, with a sweet citrus taste apparent when combusted.

This strain hits hard and fast, with a strong sedative-like narcotic effect according to consumers. The cognitive effect is similar, as the rate at which thoughts come and go gradually slow down. This happens until the user realizes it’s probably easier to not think at all, and the mind becomes empty. With the mind at ease, a state of peaceful contentment is achieved. This is only disrupted by the stomach’s yearning for food and suddenly one is faced with the dilemma of leaving a state of total blissful comfort for the sake of food. No matter what the choice, one can be certain of getting a sound night’s sleep.

Cultivators are loving Critical Hog for being such a simple grow along with its high yields. It can be grown well both indoors and out, responds well to sunlight, and requires little maintenance. Each generous plant can give as much as a pound and a half of flower at harvest time!

Genetic Lineage

Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Indica The Hog

Frequently Asked Questions About Critical Hog

What is Critical Hog?

Critical Hog is an Indica-dominant cannabis strain from T.H. Seeds.

What does Critical Hog mean?

Critical Hog took its name from parents, Critical Mass and The Hog strains.

Where does Critical Hog come from?

This strain was created by T.H. Seeds out of Amsterdam.

What does Critical Hog smell like?

Critical Hog smells like a garden of lavender flowers deep in pine-tree filled woods.

What does Critical Hog taste like?

The dominant flavors of Critical Hog are floral, pine, and citrus.

What color does Critical Hog have?

Critical Hog is one of the rare strains that’s browner and more purple than green, with a decent amount of bright orange hairs.

What effects does Critical Hog have?

According to consumers, this strain hits hard and fast with a strong sedative-like narcotic effect. The cognitive effect is similar, as the rate at which thoughts come and go seem to gradually slow until total physical and mental relaxation are achieved.

Is Critical Hog an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Critical Hog is an Indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.