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About this Hybrid Strain

Agent Tangie is a cannabis strain that produces flowers that look like they were rolled in sugar crystals, and every bud tastes and smells like a freshly sliced fruit salad. This sativa-dominant hybrid has all the notable traits of a tropical sativa with none of the minuses.

Agent Tangie’s notable effects reside largely in the head. It’s notable for stimulating creativity, bouts ofspontaneous laughter and, of course, a savage appetite. It may not do much for chronic pain, but itworks wonders for staving off depression and combatting fatigue. Just a toke or two should get mostsmokers amped for the rest of the day, yet its high is subtle enough to interact with others and – mostimportantly – getting things done.

Agent Tangie’s cerebral effects tend to be long-lasting, so be wary of smoking too much if you need toget some sleep.

Lab Data

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
CBD: <1%


The offspring of Agent Orange and High Times Cannabis Cup winner Tangie, Agent Tangie fuses the
citrusy floral aspects of its parent strains.

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