About this Indica Strain

Black Afghan is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that brings deep relaxation with an uplifting, euphoric sensation. 

The complex terpene profile of Black Afghan brings aromas of earth, sage, and pepper along with berries. 

You will experience a heady buzz combined with deep body relaxation. Keep the snacks nearby because Black Afghan stimulates appetite. Often found in hash form, Black Afghan is a go-to strain for relaxation and cerebral euphoria. 


Lab Analysis

Cannabinoid Amount
9-THC 23.9%
CBD 0.26%
THC-A 19.38%
8-THC <0.01%
CBG 0.69%
CBG-A 1.76%
Terpene Amount
Caryophyllene Oxide 1.19%
Alpha Pinene 1.43%
Terpinolene <0.01%


The Good
The Bad