About this Hybrid Strain

The light, airy nugs harvested from the indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain 818 OG should be spongy when pinched. Cured 818 OG buds may appear greenish brown with lots of little orange hairs sprouting out.

818 OG instills a sluggishness when smoked, accompanied by a sense of fanciful delight. Getting caughtin a fit of giggles is pretty common with this strain. It’s best to avoid anything that requires too muchfocus while enjoying the effects of 818 OG. Parking in front of a comedy movie or unwinding at homeare recommended over any activities that require concentration. This OG is best for combattingdepression or stress.

Cottonmouth is a common side effect from the 818 OG, so keep a drink handy.


The Good
  • Energetic
  • Giggly
  • Happy
The Bad
  • Dry Mouth
Pairs Well With
  • Watching TV/Movies

Taste & Smell

  • Earthy

Lab Analysis

15-18% 1%