About this Hybrid Strain

The 5 th Element cannabis strain consistently yields large buds with heavy trichome coverage. Its flowers carry a citrusy, earthy aroma reminiscent of the sweet funk produced by OG Kush.

The 5 th Element will quickly produce a relaxed, sedative effect, making this a great strain for relievingstress, minor pain, or insomnia. For an indica-dominant strain, the head high is rather pronounced.

Dry/red eyes are a common side effect from this cultivar. Consider packing sunglasses and eye drops ifgoing out in public while elevated on the 5 th Element.

5 th Element plants typically take 55 to 60 days from seed to harvest. They respond well to heavyfeedings, which leads to faster and fuller bushing out of mature plants.


The Good
  • Calm
  • Sleepy
  • Tingly
The Bad
  • Dry Eyes
Pairs Well With
  • Knitting
  • Spa
  • Watching TV/Movies