Terpineol : Know Your Terpenes

It’s been deemed “the tumor killing terpene


Not unlike the terpene pinene in its scent, you can expect terpineol to smell like a forest, though slightly sweeter with floral undertones similar to lilac. Besides being present in cannabis, you can also find it in cajuput oil, lime blossoms, and pine trees.

While it’s usually used to add fragrance to perfumes, lotions, and the like, it’s also been shown to have antibiotic and antioxidant properties. Like many other terpenes, terpineol helps in reducing inflammation, and shows promise as a sedative as well. However, it’s been deemed “the tumor killing terpene” because of research showing that it fights against the growth of tumors, adding to cannabis’s overall medicinal qualities. A research study done in June of 2010 published in the journal “Anticancer Research” confirmed terpineol to be a potent anticancer agent.

Strains with higher traces of terpineol include OG Kush, Girl Scout Cookies, and Jack Herer.

Terpineol’s boiling point is much higher than most terpenes, being 415 degrees Fahrenheit, so cooking with this terpene means you’re less likely to vaporize it!

As always, remember terpenes affect each of us differently depending on our body chemistry and what compounds are present that they can act synergistically with – so take heed if searching for anticancer or antitumor solutions.