Infused Candies

When we eat candy, we seek a moment of sensory bliss. It’s no different when it comes to cannabis-infused candies.


Toffies that melt on your tongue. Citrusy sour gummies that make your mouth water. When we eat candy, we seek a moment of sensory bliss. It’s no different when it comes to cannabis-infused candies, but instead of the fleeting moment we experience as we swallow up the confectionary, we can soon expect a whole new level of sensation to arise. The new level of sensation is the high that cannabis induces, which is sought after by both medical and recreational consumers alike.

Users report that this high experience primarily if tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is included in the candy however keep in mind that there are some infused candies that only contain cannabidiol or CBD,-- which doesn’t create the same heady high that THC does. Instead, fans of CBD have reported that the cannabinoid helps with pain and inflammation, attributes usually sought after by medical patients.

Infused candies are made similarly to your average piece of candy. Differences occur when candies require a temperate above 320 degrees Fahrenheit. Usually, 320 is the highest temperature a producer can cook with when using cannabis as an ingredient, and this is pushing it. This is because temperatures above 320 can vaporize the plant’s cannabinoids as well as terpenes. Cannabinoids include THC and CBD among many others, all of which help create the high sensation we’re discussing. Terpenes are the compounds in the plant that create its scent, flavor, and contribute to many of the sensations you feel n during your experience. However, infused candy confectioners will often experiment and manipulate their recipes to avoid vaporizing both cannabinoids and terpenes.

Users often report that the high derived from an edible is unlike the high they experience when smoking or vaping cannabis. Digestion takes longer than absorption, and so effects from the cannabis infusion typically won’t be felt until 20 minutes to an hour later. For some people, it’s even longer than an hour depending on personal body chemistry and how much food they’ve eaten beforehand.

Another difference in the high experienced from edibles is that it’s usually stronger. Effects might be more intense than smoking or vaping, so always check the THC and CBD levels of your product and stick to the suggested serving size.