Improving Our Sleep Cycle Using Cannabis

Getting enough sleep helps us rest and regenerate which allow us to experience life to the fullest.


Getting enough sleep helps us rest and regenerate which allow us to experience life to the fullest. Studies have continuously proven that healthy individuals have a proper sleeping schedule, which helps improve cognitive performance and decreases numerous health risks such as depression, heart disease, and obesity. Simultaneously, a consistency in getting good rest also improves immune function, emotional recognition and responses, as well as athletic performance.

If you’ve known any cannabis users in your life you’re bound to have come across a few that claim they prefer to use it before bed. Cannabis, specifically any indica strain, has been shown to relax the body and calm the mind which ultimately leads to a state of profound relaxation and sedation. Its ability to reduce pain and muscle spasms can help individuals seeking the necessary comfort to get the sleep they need.

There are some people suffer from having bad dreams, nightmares, or night terrors. Any of these can disrupt the quality of our sleep and leave us feeling groggy, anxious, or depressed in the morning. There’s anecdotal evidence which suggests that cannabis can help these individuals by reducing the amount of dreams they have and allowing them to get more peaceful sleep.

While more studies are needed to fully understand how cannabis improves an individual’s sleep cycle, one study did find that those consuming cannabis experience less REM sleep, the part of our sleep cycle in which we have dreams. This can help explain why those suffering from disturbed sleep patterns due to nightmares experience higher quality sleep while remembering fewer dreams.

The same study also found that cannabis use increases slow wave sleep, deep sleep, the segment of our sleep cycle during which our body restores itself, when healing takes place. This helps us understand why consumers who use cannabis before bed often awaken quite refreshed. Again, more studies are needed to fully understand and officially validate these claims.

When considering using cannabis to help with insomnia, you should be aware that there is a difference between those that have a hard time falling asleep, and those that have a hard time staying asleep. It’s possible different types of insomnia will require differing strains for proper treatment, so experimenting with low doses of various indica strains is suggested if you’re considering cannabis as a possible treatment or supplement.