Difference Between Recreational and Medical Cannabis

There’s no difference when it comes down to the strains and products being sold.


We’ve been asked the question: What’s the difference between recreational & medical cannabis? Are there any?

Essentially, the answer is no, there’s no difference when it comes down to the strains and products being sold to both types of consumers. The difference is simply the price, recreational being sold with higher taxes and medical consumers being given the benefit of lower prices since they usually consume regularly. However, in some instances, you may find some products are only accessible to medical consumers because of availability.

When using Hytiva’s website, you’ll notice the available toggle between purchasing recreational and medical cannabis.

Medical strains, in many cases, usually have higher CBD or cannabidiol percentages in them. This is the “ingredient” in cannabis that relaxes the body. Recreational strains are known to be popular by higher THC or tetrahydrocannabinol percentages, the “ingredient” that creates the psychotropic high.

However, dispensaries are now allowing recreational consumers to purchase what once were medical strains, so anyone can try any strain, exploring the various CBD and THC percentages in strains bred for sales.