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A cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush, Triangle Mints is a sativa-dominant hybrid that also goes by the name "Octagon Kush". Many have shared that this strain brings you into an uplifted and focused state, making even the most mundane tasks more enjoyable. When over consumed, it's been shared that Triangle Mints can hit the user with a potent punch that may leave them in a euphoric and sedative state for hours.

When you take a good look at this strain, you will notice an abundance of golden trichomes that saturate the dark green nugs along with long amber pistils that give Triangle Mints a fiery glow. These beautiful buds are usually round, dense, and difficult to break apart by hand. When ground, Triangle Mints releases an earthy and herbal fragrance, accented by notes of diesel, mint, and spice. The main terpene found is Beta-Caryophyllene, the terpene known for its spicy and gassy scent. Growing this strain has been noted to be fairly easy, producing light to moderate yields with a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks. Our particular batch had a THC level above 18 percent, but this can vary depending on the cultivation techniques used.


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 18.62%
CBG: 0.05%
Terpene Menge
Beta-Caryophyllen: 0.456%
Limonen: 0.433%
Linalool: 0.169%
Alpha-Humulen: 0.162%
Alpha-Pinen: 0.103%
Beta-Myrzene: 0.049%

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Am häufigsten gestellte Fragen (FAQs) Über uns Triangle Mints

What is Triangle Mints?

Triangle Mints is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is also called Octagon Kush.

Where does Triangle Mints come from?

Triangle Mints is a cross between the two strains, Animal Mints and Triangle Kush.

What does Triangle Mints smell like?

The aroma of Triangle Mints is described to be herbal and earthy, with notes of gas and spice.

What Triangle Mints taste like?

When combusted, the flavor of Triangle Mints is earthy and spicy with a minty sour overtone.

What color does Triangle Mints have?

The buds of Triangle Mints are dark mint green and coated in golden trichomes and amber pistils.

What effects does Triangle Mints have?

When consumed moderately, many have shared the effects of Triangle Mints to be uplifting and focused. When over consumed, many users mentioned Triangle Mints hits hard, leaving them glued to the couch.

Is Triangle Mints an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Triangle Mints is a sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain.