Alpha Purps


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Whether enjoying a hike outdoors or relaxing with friends, Alpha Purps hybrid cannabis strain provides a balanced experience that accommodates either environment.

You will first notice Alpha Purps pungent aroma along with its dense flower configuration, light green with a trichome layer covering the entire nug. Along with the pungent diesel, aroma is a hint of berries and earthiness.

The flavor profile is similar to the aroma and you may also taste nutty and berry flavors.

Uplifting and energizing at first, Alpha Purps brings a wave of euphoria that washes over the mind and body. Some say Alpha Purps is energized relaxation. Great for both physical activity or doing nothing, Alpha Purps cannabis strain is a great stress reliever and a good choice to enjoy throughout your day.


Alpha Purps - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Alpha Purps