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Pie Crust is a sativa-leaning cannabis hybrid strain developed by Grow West Dispensary. Most, if not all of the strains grown by GWD have an exceptional terpene profile, which is believed by many consumers to enhance their medicinal properties. THC levels contained in Pie Crust can measure as much as 25%, providing potent effects enjoyed by consumers. Pie Crust is fluffy and colorful in appearance with buds that give off a strong, earthy, floral aroma with hints of mint. The flavor of this bud’s smoke is reminiscent of a freshly baked pie boasting smells of citrus fruit and unexpected floral notes.

Pie Crust is a sativa-leaning strain, and consumers have shared that they often feel euphoric and creative at first upon consumption. That early buzz might give you a boost of energy. But once the initial effects of the high start to subside, some consumers have shared that they started to relax and calm down. They suggest it is unlikely to make you feel lethargic or make you unable to focus on certain tasks and that effects may build in intensity. Also, some have experienced “couchlock”. Therefore, Pie Crust may be best for a late afternoon, after you’ve gotten your most pressing responsibilities out of the way.

As far as medicinal uses, Pie Crust appears to be quite versatile. Some have reported that its use relieved chronic pain, reduced anxiety, muscle spasms, andfeelings of depression.

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Preguntas frecuentes Acerca de Pie Crust

What is Pie Crust?

The sweet-tasting Pie Crust cannabis strain is predominantly sativa and has tested with up to 25% THC.

What does Pie Crust mean?

The Pie Crust cannabis strain may have gotten its name from its taste, being reminiscent of flaky pie crust and fruity fillings.

Where does Pie Crust come from?

Pie Crust was brought to us by the growers of Grow West Dispensary.

What does Pie Crust taste like?

As it’s name suggests, Pie Crust tastes sweet and has an unexpected citrus flavor.

What does Pie Crust smell like?

The aroma of Pie Crust is floral with powerful earthy notes.

What color does Pie Crust have?

Pie Crust plants show deep blue hues and tightly-packed leaves with buds covered in trichomes.

What effects does Pie Crust have?

The initial high of Pie Crust is buzzy, but it then dampens into a relaxing state of calm according to reviewers.

Is Pie Crust an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

The Pie Crust cannabis strain is a Sativa-leaning hybrid.