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About this Hybrid Strain

Goji Margy is an indica-dominant hybrid that offers consumers a euphoric and relaxing experience along with a unique and diverse flavor and aroma. It was bred by crossing Goji OG and Frozen Margy.

Goji Margy has lime-green frosted buds that are caked with golden trichomes that cement everything together and make Goji Margy dense and sticky. When you grind these resin-caked buds apart they release a sweet and musky berry aroma with undertones of spicy pine and fuel. When smoked or vaped, Goji Margy’s flavor is smooth with a hint of sour kush on its exhale.

Consumers of Goji Margy have described its experience as powerful and relaxing. It offers a cerebral stone that is a bit hazy and is followed by a relaxing and euphoric finish. This euphoria is welcomed by those suffering from stress and anxiety, while others mentioned Goji Margy aided them with creativity and inspiration.

THC levels average in the upper teens and twenties. The dominant terpenes found in our particular batch are Limonene and Alpha Pinene.

Datos de laboratotio

Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 20.40%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Limoneno: 0.529%
Alfa Pineno: 0.256%

Genetic Lineage

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Preguntas frecuentes Acerca de Goji Margy

What is Goji Margy?

Goji Margy is an indica-leaning hybrid that is known for its trichome saturated buds and diverse terpene profile.

Where does Goji Margy come from?

Goji Margy was bred by crossing Goji OG with Frozen Margy.

What does Goji Margy smell like?

The aroma of Goji Margy is sweet and musky with notes of gas and pine.

What Goji Margy taste like?

Goji Margy's taste is weet and kushy, laced with a sour finish.

What color does Goji Margy have?

The lime green buds of Goji Margy are coated in heavy layer of trichomes and amber hairs.

What effects does Goji Margy have?

Many have shared the effects of Goji Margy to start with a cerebral high, followed by a relaxing body stone.

Is Goji Margy an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Goji Margy is an indica-leaning hybrid cannabis train.