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Über diese Sativa-Stamm

The sativa cannabis strain East Coast Sour Diesel is known for its ability to uplift one’s mood swiftly. It produces an enjoyable flavor that’s spicy, sweet, and of wood and pine that often leaves a lemony aftertaste. Its scent is similar, but with diesel undertones.

The genetics of East Coast Sour Diesel come from the popular sativa Sour Diesel.

THC content of this strain have been known to be high, reaching heights of 20%. It produces a strong body and mind euphoria, boosting energy while relieving the muscles of aches and pains. Reviewers have noted this strain’s ability to ease a negative mindset and stress. It’s often quite potent, and can last a couple of hours. Those that consume too much have stated it can push past the energetic buzz and induce couch-lock.

Negative effects include anxiety for novice consumers if consumed improperly, along with dry eyes and dry mouth.

It takes 10-12 weeks for East Coast Sour Diesel to flower, so impatient growers should steer clear of this strain. 


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 19-20%

Genetic Abstammung

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