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Über diese Sativa-Stamm

Chocolate Diesel, a sativa cannabis strain, derives its name from its scent and taste that it inherits from its parent strains. It emits a chocolatey yet skunky smell, leaving a sweet candy aftertaste in the mouth. Some reviewers have reported smell similar to ammonia. The buds of this strain consist of leaves that are deep green and brown, with purple hues and long burnt orange pistils.

Chocolate Diesel’s parent strains are a cross between the two sativa strains Sour Diesel and Chocolate Thai.

The average THC levels of this strain currently are shrouded with mystery, with little known about its content. However, its high is known to go directly to the head upon consumption, creating waves of euphoria and energy that are described as similar to downing a few shots of espresso. It makes for a great day time strain. Though sativa, it does help eliminate mild aches and pains.

The negative effects of this strain are little, with only dry mouth being of main concern. 

Genetic Abstammung

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