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UW is a top-shelf indica cannabis strain that derives its name from the story behind its existence. According to “legend,” UW was stolen from a Pacific Northwest university in the 90’s and entered the market mysteriously through a rogue graduate. Its buds are dense and purple, emitting a sweet earthy scent whose taste is similar – both with undertones of fruit and spice. There are stories still being traded that the original UW was a lime green, the new UW on the market now having tainted genetics. 

Parent strains remain shrouded in mystery when it comes to UW. 

Average THC levels are still to be determined, but this strain’s high is known to help ease pain throughout the body and induce sleepiness, making it a choice strain for insomnia. The consumer will feel both relaxed and euphoric as mood elevates but sleepiness begins to take hold. UW is best consumed at night because of this. 

Negative side-effects include cottonmouth, dry eyes, headache, anxiousness and paranoia, the latter three arising after consuming too high of a dose for one’s tolerance. 

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Indica UW