Dr. Who

THC: 23% CBD: <1% Daytime

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Dr. Who is a hybrid cannabis strain that’s indica-dominant. Its scent and taste are sweet and fruity like a delicious fruit salad, with the appeal of freshly-churned earth. When harvest-ready, its buds are bright green with purple hues throughout.

THC levels tend to reach around 23%. Its high will help the consumer focus, increasing motivation and productivity. Not only will the mind improve, but the body will feel energetic and ready to abide by whatever the mind commands. Because of this, Dr. Who can be consumed throughout the day without a problem.

Beyond typical dry mouth and eyes, Dr. Who may cause anxiety, dizziness, or even headache when consuming above tolerance levels.

It takes between eight and nine weeks for Dr. Who to fully flower for reaping, needing moderate amounts of fertilizer in the process.


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 23%
CBD: <1%


Genetics of Dr. Who are currently unknown.

Genetic Abstammung

Dr. Who - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Dr. Who

Am häufigsten gestellte Fragen (FAQs) Über uns Dr. Who

What is Dr Who?

Dr Who is an indica dominant hybrid.

Where does Dr Who come from?

Dr Who has an unknown parent lineage.

What does Dr Who smell like?

Dr Who has a pungent earthy aroma that has notes of skunk and fruit.

What does Dr Who taste like?

Dr Who tastes of sweet tropical fruit that is mixed with woody herbs and skunk.

What color does Dr Who have?

Dr Who has sage green buds that are rounded and chunky. It has a thin frosting of white trichomes with neon orange pistils.

What effects does Dr Who have?

Fans of Dr Who have shared that they love it for its mood enhancing qualities that provide a state of calm and content. Many have said they feel more equipped to get tasks done in this state as their mind is clear and collected. In the body they feel a pleasant buzz that is also relaxing.

Is Dr Who an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Dr Who is an indica dominant hybrid.