Blue Widow

THC: 12-16% CBD: <1% Daytime

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Über diese Hybrid-Stamm

Blue Widow is a hybrid cannabis strain that produces a scent and taste reminiscent of sour berries and citrus. It's harvest-ready buds have hues of blues and purples, having long orange hairs winding throughout.

THC levels average between 12-16%, making it a choice strain for novice consumers. Its high is quite heady, keeping the mind flowing with thoughts and retrospection. Meanwhile, the body will fall into a blissful state of ease as the muscles relax and all tension is eased. Focus will improve, allowing the day’s tasks to still get done even after consuming this strain.

Negative side-effects besides typical dry mouth and eyes include nervousness in the forms of anxiety or paranoia, or headache, when consuming in higher doses.

It takes between eight and nine weeks for White Widow to fully flower for reaping.


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 12-16%
CBD: <1%


Blue Widow is the result of crossing the indica Blueberry with the hybrid White Widow.


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Hybrid Blue Widow
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