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The high THC levels that average near 30% of Asteroid OG are not for the faint of heart. It’s a cannabis strain that may leave your head spacey, but reviewers have noted that it’s a great strain to try for stress relief.

Those that have given Asteroid OG a try have reported feeling heavy or a body buzz that may leave you couch-locked, so trying this strain before bed is ideal in case you fall asleep or want to zone-out in front of the TV. It’s been reputed as helping not only with stress but anxiety and OCD. Asteroid OG calms and brings euphoria to the consumers overall being while eliminating stressful thoughts according to some that have tried it.

When you open up a package of Asteroid OG you’ll be surprised to find that it doesn’t exude a strong pine scent like most OG strains tend to emit. Instead it’s diluted and earthier, like fresh soil with a bit of floral undertones.


Cannabinoid Menge
THC: 27%

Genetic Abstammung

Asteroid OG - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Asteroid OG

Am häufigsten gestellte Fragen (FAQs) Über uns Asteroid OG

What is Asteroid OG?

Asteroid OG is a rare indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for its above average THC levels between 24-30% and its robust flavor.

Where does Asteroid OG come from?

Asteroid OG is a cross of OG kush and another powerful but unknown parent.

What does Asteroid OG smell like?

Asteroid OG has a more gentle smell that emits aromas of earth and woods. It has subtle notes of citrus, pine with a touch of sourness.

What does Asteroid OG taste like?

Asteroid OG has a robust flavor comparable to tobacco. It is herbal with a dry finishing taste of pine.

What color does Asteroid OG have?

Asteroid OG can come in an array of colors and shade of green but is most commonly forest green with light green highlights. It can have purple and/or yellow highlights. Its buds are rounded and glue together by a heavy coating of yellow trichomes with short reddish pistils.

What effects does Asteroid OG have?

Asteroid OG has been said to have heavily sedating qualities with people reporting the feeling of being heavy, lethargic and tired. It has been said to be a great evening strain before bed as users say they experience deep rest after consuming this bud.

Is Asteroid OG an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Asteroid OG is a indica-dominant hybrid.