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Arise is a maker strain created by the beautiful cross of two strains. There is always something unique formed as a result of breeding between two strains; it is a lovely blend of two strains, and apparently, this breeder achieved his goal—it smells fantastic. Aphrodite; they found what they liked best about their phenotype and they just ran with it, doing a great job in the process. Arise is a very energetic strain. Whatever it is that’s backing the smarts of Arise, it seems to also be backing the energy of Arise. It made it, and it was hoped it would turn out as well as it did—an energetic, uplifting strain. It’s hard for us to pin down landraces that we really love, like a sativa, but we have to say, this strain is one of the reasons. It helps to get our creative juices flowing. The first time you try Arise, you will fall in love with it, even just sitting on the couch watching a movie. Many might have trouble staying wide awake, as it can make you feel pretty groggy.

The flowers on Arise are visually appealing, coming in medium to large size pieces that have a loose, sativa structure—very fluffy and carrying nice volume. The flowers are a fresh medium green with beautiful orange pistils weaving throughout, offering a lot of contrast in color. There is also a lovely coating of white and stalky trichome gland heads on the flowers from top to bottom. These are some very pretty buds that make you excited to try them out.

To the nose, the fragrance is invigorating, citrus, and floral. She delights with releases of aroma taste-bud tantalizers that start with a heady rush of citrus and lemon and, with just a hint of earth, devolves to a full blend of aromatic flavor notes that deliver the aromatic equivalent of an experience.

Arise is known to strongly and quietly creep over your mind, creating a sense of awakening and cerebral high perfectly fitting of its name. The initial onset is explained as being a charged wave of mental clarity and focus, closely followed by a mood-brightening physical high. The uplifting effect is said to spark creativity, increase appreciation for sensory stimulus, and make socializing more enjoyable, which makes this strain a perfect daytime use cannabis type for tasks, social functions, or hobbies.

Besides basic info, which is readily difficult to obtain since Arise doesn't offer additional details on growing behavior, one can only assume Arise behaves much like most sativa-dominant plants. Arise has a fluffy bud structure and a bright appearance, indicating it may enjoy similar growing conditions to many sativa plants: plenty of room in which to grow and lots of direct light exposure. With its limonene and pinene terpene ratios, which prominently display a citrus and/or pine-like aroma(s) and a citrusy, uplifting effect(s), Arise probably shares similar terpene behavior with most other limonene and pinene varietals. Regardless, enjoy it—an average flowering time and decent yield for a sativa-dominant hybrid.

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Am häufigsten gestellte Fragen (FAQs) Über uns Arise

What is Arise?

Arise is a cannabis strain known for its uplifting and invigorating effects. It's loved for its ability to provide a burst of energy and mental clarity.

Where does Arise come from?

Arise is a cross of Golden Goat and Daybreaker.

What does Arise smell like?

Arise carries a refreshing and citrusy aroma. It has a prominent lemon scent, which contributes to its uplifting reputation.

What does Arise taste like?

When consumed, Arise offers a taste that often mirrors its aroma. The flavor is characterized by its citrusy notes, particularly lemon and lime, which can provide a zesty and tangy experience.

What color does Arise have?

The appearance of Arise buds exhibit bright shades of green, often with vibrant orange pistils. The buds have fiery orange pistils and a fine blanket of white trichomes.

What effects does Arise have?

Arise is primarily known for its energizing and stimulating effects. Users often report feeling a boost in mood, increased focus, and enhanced creativity after consuming this strain. It's considered a daytime strain that can provide motivation and productivity without inducing significant sedation.

Is Arise an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Arise is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain.