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The cannabis strain dubbed Mojito is almost as tantalizing as the drink. Its scent and flavor don’t stray far from its name. It’s got a sweet and sour citrus scent with hints of mint that’ll make your mouth water. The cured nuggets of Mojito are a minty green, with lots of bright orange and yellow pistils.

THC levels tend to average around the mid to high teens, making it a favorite for both connoisseurs and novice consumers alike. Its effects refreshing and mind-enhancing as it stimulates positive thoughts and increases focus, say some reviewers. Some have experienced enhanced arousal as well, so this could be a good strain to try with your significant other.

Some consumers say they use Mojito to help calm symptoms of migraines, depression, chronic stress, mood swings, and even chronic pain.

Лабораторные данные

Лабораторные данные каннабиноидов
Каннабиноиды Количество
THC: 24.54%
CBN: 0.320%
Лабораторные данные терпенов
Терпен Количество
Терпинолен: 0.1200%
Лимонен: 0.0920%

Genetic Родословная

Mojito - Sativa Cannabis Strain
Sativa Mojito

Часто задаваемые вопросы около Mojito

What is Mojito?

Mojito is a sativa-dominant hybrid with an iconic flavor

Where does Mojito come from?

Mojito is a cross of Limegerian and Orange Blossom Trail.

What does Mojito smell like?

Mojito has a very musky aroma that is sour and citrusy.

What does Mojito taste like?

Mojito has been said to taste similar to an actual mojito. It is both sweet and sour with a rich minty aftertaste.

What color does Mojito have?

Properly cured Mojito buds are dark green in color with an abundance of large and long orange pistils. It has a heavy coating of golden trichomes which with the pistils give the buds a very citrus orange and yellow color.

What effects does Mojito have?

Users of Mojito enjoy it for its ability like the drink to wind things down and take a load off. Whether its stress or just a busy day this strain has been said to be the perfect afternoon indulgence to chill out without affecting your energy level.

Is Mojito an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Mojito is a sativa-dominant hybrid