Tora Bora

THC: 0.4% CBD: 0.2% Nighttime

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Tora Bora is a 99% indica cannabis strain with a very high potency not intended for the rookie cannabis consumer. Consumers love the spicy flavor. The buds are covered with resin and flower can appear blue. If you are looking for pain relief or help to sleep, look no further. THC levels in 22% range ensure Tora Bora will pack a very comfortable, sedative, powerful punch. Don't expect to leave the house when you smoke Tora Bora. It is a powerful strain that many enjoy. The head buzz hits initially and creeps into a total body relaxation.  

Dados laboratoriais

Dados laboratoriais de canabinóides
Canabinoide Quantidades
THC: 0.4%
Δ9-THC: 21-22%
CBD: 0.2%
CBN: <0.1%
THC-A: 21.6%
THCV: 0.1%
Δ8-THC: <0.1%
CBDV: <0.1%
CBD-A: <0.1%
CBC: 0.1%
CBG-A: 1.2%
Dados laboratoriais de terpenos
Terpeno Quantidades
Beta-mirceno: 0.17%
Limoneno: 0.09%
Linalol: 0.08%
Beta-cariofileno: 0.06%
Alfa-pineno: 0.06%
Alfa-humuleno: <0.01%
Terpinoleno: <0.01%


Tora Bora - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Tora Bora
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin
Indica OG LA Affie