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Tropical Thunder is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a cross of the famous Maui Wowie with another unknown strain. When cultivated properly, the fluffy heart-shaped buds of Tropical Thunder are bright green with yellow, orange, and purple accents. The small orange pistils and a fine coating of golden trichomes hairs coat the entirety of the bud, making it appear fuzzy.Those who were lucky enough to grab hold of a package of Tropical Thunder have noted a smooth, sweet, and sour flavor that tastes lemony at first and finishes with more of an earth peppery bite. It has an aroma of rich earth with herbal notes and undertones of sweet tropical citrus.

Consumers of Tropical Thunder have said that it is a perfect day-time strain as its effects are pretty mellow. Users have shared it to be a mood-elevating strain that reduces the clutter of negative thoughts and stress and at the same time, takes the pressure off your physical body. While others have stated that it aids with their focus and creativity and helps them get tedious tasks done. Tropical Thunder Tests High on THC with average levels testing between 19-30%.

Dados laboratoriais

Dados laboratoriais de canabinóides
Canabinoide Quantidades
THC: 22.51%
THC-A: 25.24%
Dados laboratoriais de terpenos
Terpeno Quantidades
Beta-cariofileno: 0.49%
Limoneno: 0.24%
Beta-mirceno: 0.21%

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Perguntas frequentes Sobre Tropical Thunder

What is Tropical Thunder?

Tropical Thunder is a sativa-dominant hybrid that has beautiful buds and delicious flavor.

Where does Tropical Thunder come from?

Tropical Thunder is a cross of Maui Wowie and another unknown strain.

What does Tropical Thunder smell like?

Tropical Thunder smells of musky earth and herbs. It has undertones of sweet fruit and finishes sour.

What does Tropical Thunder taste like?

Tropical Thunder has sweet and sour flaors of fruit that finish with a more peppery bite.

What color does Tropical Thunder have?

Tropical Thunder has bright green buds with yellow,orange and purple highlights. It has small orange pistils and golden trichomes.

What effects does Tropical Thunder have?

Tropical Thunder is a day-time strain that elevates the mood, relaxes the body and de-clutters a busy mind. It has been said to turn on the creative mind while helping people channel their focus.

Is Tropical Thunder an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Tropical Thunder is a sativa-dominant hybrid.