Pure Gold


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This fuzzy cannabis plant sprouts light-colored buds with light bronze pistils. Pure Gold smells of skunks doused in lemon juice, though the smoke has a more complex profile than the aroma.

When burned, this hybrid tastes like sweet vanilla with a squirt of sour lemon and charred wood chips.

Believed to confer some of the effects of an indica, Pure Gold may work well for managing minor pain and inflammation, treating anxiety, or relieving insomnia. It is likely a strain that induces couch-lock, especially at higher doses, and may cause sluggishness or sleepiness. It’s probably best reserved for later evening or nighttime use.

Possible side effects from Pure Gold include cottonmouth and dry eyes. Some users, particularly beginners or those sensitive to the effects of sativas, may experience some paranoia.

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Pure Gold’s genetics and origin are unknown, although it likely was bred in California, where it’s most readily available.


Pure Gold - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Pure Gold