Lavender Kush

THC: 10-20% CBD: <1% Nighttime

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Lavender Kush is recognized by the tips of its flowers, which bear a light violet hue. This strain produces a scent that exudes lavender, with a bit of sugary earth intermingled within it.

THC levels have ranged from the low-teens to the low-20’s, so be sure to check your batch’s cannabinoid percentages before creating a serving for yourself.

Reviewers stated they experienced an almost hypnotic state of mind as Lavender Kush created a cerebral rush. The munchies tended to set in with consumers and a sleepy state of mind enraptured them. Some users consume Lavender Kush to help with menstrual cramps, symptoms of depression, chronic pain, nausea.

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THC: 10-20%
CBD: <1%


Lavender Kush is the cross between four incredibly potent strains. An Afghani landrace, a Hawaiian landrace, Big Sunk Korean and Super Skunk.


Super Skunk - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Super Skunk
Indica Afghani
Afghani Origin