Killer Grape


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For a grape strain, the Killer Grape cultivar matures with a predominantly green color, although some calyxes may bear that grape-skin purple. The flowers from this 50/50 hybrid cannabis plant exude an aroma resembling sour grapes and pungent skunk.

The smoke of this strainis surprisingly sweet and carries hints of that characteristic grapey-ness.

Killer Grape is ideal for treating pain issues, especially cramps caused by menstruation. Its body buzz creeps up slowly, so take it easy with the first couple of puffs. Once it settles in, a deep relaxation settles into the brain, and couch-lock is soon is follow. Those who need appetite stimulation, pain relief, easing of muscle tensions, or just good sleep should track down this strain.

Side effects from this strain include dry mouth and red eyes. High doses in beginners may cause some anxiety or paranoia.

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This strain is a cross of Killer Queen and Querkle, bred by NorStar Genetics. It’s considered a relatively potent strain.