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If you're a fan of intricate origin stories, then perhaps Jack's Cleaner might entertain you. The basic gist is that in the mid-'90s, a breeder by the name of Subcool traded seeds with an online friend that went by the name Skoosh. Of the 200 seeds that Subcool received, one phenotype stood out that smelled like lemon cleaner. He ended up naming it The Cleaner and decided to place one of its clones next to a male Jack Herer plant he had nearly abandoned. Of the 35 seeds they produced, one of them was destined to become Jack's Cleaner - and a connoisseur favorite was born.

This legendary strain is known to clear the mind of anxiety and stress. According to some of its reviewers, Jacks Cleaner sometimes increases both mood and energy, while others have also felt relaxed and pain-free. Those who were lucky enough to find a batch of Jacks Cleaner have reported feeling an uplifted and giggly sense of euphoria that is perfect for socializing with friends. Many report that this strain doesn't create a spacy high, but rather, a slight tingly sensation throughout the body creating a sense of tranquil peace without sedation, making it a perfect strain to use anytime during the day.

Jacks Cleaner buds are known to produce a pungent and loud aroma of citrus, lemon, and pine reminiscent from its parents. When smoked or vaped, Jacks' Cleaner gives your pallet a chemically sharp citrus and pine punch. Properly cultivated buds of Jacks Cleaner produce buds that golden and yellow and covered in a dense layer of resinous and white glandular trichomes that give it gooey and sticky texture.

THC percentage levels of Jacks Cleaner can reach into the 20s, so checks your batches potency before fashioning a serving for yourself.

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What is Jack's Cleaner?

Jack's Cleaner is a rare and legendary Sativa dominant strain that is sought for its euphoric and uplifting effects according to consumers.

What does Jack's Cleaner mean?

Jack's Cleaner was named after its parents, the legendary Jack Herer, and the aromatic strain The Cleaner.

Where does Jack's Cleaner come from?

The Jack's Cleaner strain comes from crossing the two strains Jack Herer and The Cleaner.

What does Jack's Cleaner smell like?

Jack's Cleaner produces a pungent lemon, pine, and citrus scent.

What does Jack's Cleaner taste like?

The flavor of Jack's Cleaner is sharp and chemically with notes of pine and citrus.

What effects does Jack's Cleaner have?

Jack's Cleaner has been reported by its fans to be an uplifting and euphoric strain that relaxes the mind and body.

What color does Jack's Cleaner have?

Jack's Cleaner cured buds are golden yellow and covered in a sticky coating of frosty white trichomes.

Is Jack's Cleaner an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Jack's Cleaner is a Sativa leaning hybrid.