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Honeypot also sometimes called Honeypot Kush is a rare and exotic indica-dominant hybrid. It is a cross of Honey Pot and Kish which give it an unbelievable sweet and delicious flavor.

Honeypot has sage-green popcorn buds that are clustered together like a vine of grapes. It has bright reddish-orange pistils that pop with contrast amongst the green buds which are caked in white trichomes which give Honeypot a glistening silver sheen.

Honeypot has a very sweet and inviting aroma that many describe as having the scent of honey. It has undertones that smell of damp earth, herbs and skunk. Its flavor follows its aroma with exaggerated and distinct flavor notes. On the front end it is smooth, sugary and rich like honey which then transitions into a more sour earth flavor that finishing herbal and spicy.

Consumers of Honeypot enjoy it for its effects that are felt in both body and mind. They state the experience begins in the head with a lifting buzz that raises peoples initial energy and brings a wave of pleasant euphoria and bliss. As the effects develop, consumers say the buzzing effects transition more in the body as they notice their limbs become weighted, their breath slows and their tension is relieved. Honeypot provides a dynamic experience as people say their mind stays awake with clarity and focus while their body is relaxed and calm which make it a perfect strain for a slower but productive pace.

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Honeypot - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Honeypot

Perguntas frequentes Sobre Honeypot

What is Honeypot?

Honeypot is an exotic indica-dominant hybrid that has delicious flavor and dynamic effects.

Where does Honeypot come from?

Honeypot is a cross of Honey Pot and Kish.

What does Honeypot smell like?

Honeypots smells of sugary honey, damp earthy and herbs.

What Honeypot taste like?

Honeypot tastes of sweet honey, sour earth and spicy herbs.

What color does Honeypot have?

Honeypot has sage-green popcorn buds that are contrasted by fiery orange pistils and shimmering white trichomes.

What effects does Honeypot have?

Honeypot has mental buzzing and physically relaxing effects.

Is Honeypot an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Honeypot is an indica-dominant hybrid.