Hendo Cream


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Hendo Cream is a sativa-dominant hybrid with THC levels that average in the mid-20’s. Some Consumers have reported that this Sativa-dominant strain may create a small boost of energy as the high takes effect, while simultaneously easing the body of tension and pain.

Consumers report feeling relaxed yet ready for action as anxiety, depression, and even chronic pain seemingly dissipate. Mood may improve for some, while others enjoy the effects felt within the body instead of the mind.

Hendo Cream’s buds are usually long and a deep shade of green reminiscent of sage or seaweed. It produces a scent and flavor that’s typically of freshly churned soil and having a sweet but almost skunky undertone.

This strain has a significant level of Beta Myrcene, a terpene that’s believed to be associated with couch-lock. However, not many consumers have reported feeling sedated while using Hendo Cream. It does suggest that perhaps you could eat a mango before trying this strain, ultimately enhancing its effects.

Dados laboratoriais

Dados laboratoriais de canabinóides
Canabinoide Quantidades
THC: 24.07%
Δ9-THC: 21.9%
Dados laboratoriais de terpenos
Terpeno Quantidades
Beta-mirceno: 0.24%
Beta-cariofileno: 0.148%
Terpinoleno: 0.090%
Alfa-humuleno: 0.072%
Alfa-pineno: 0.048%
Limoneno: 0.04%
Linalol: 0.039%


Hendo Cream - Hybrid Cannabis Strain
Hybrid Hendo Cream