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Originally bred by Clade 9 Genetics, Diamond Dust is the result of combining genetics between Sour Bubble and Double Dream. There has been debate over its lineage, with some believing its parent strains are Sour Bubble and Matrix 2. What we do know is that it was engineered to have a similar terpene profile as traditional OG strains, making its scent earthy, sweet, and mildly citrusy like lemons mixed with pine and diesel.

Like its name suggests, the buds of this strain are generously dusted with crystal trichomes amongst its light green leaves and burnt orange pistils. When cultivating, the plant will grow to about 4.5 feet tall with a flowering time of 9-10 weeks.

Consumers using Diamond Dust have said to expect better focus, a relaxed mindset, and enough physical energy to get the job done. Its THC content usually ranges between 21-25%, so this one that’s best used by experienced and veteran consumers. It’s known to be a perfectly balanced hybrid, so enjoying the moment becomes easier as both physical and mental awareness are heightened simultaneously. Expect to feel your heart beat just a little faster, and your thoughts to become happily lethargic if you’re not pursuing a task to keep the mind busy. Users have also reported that Diamond Dust is a great to escape reality for a couple of hours, and for anyone that needs to calm their nerves.

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Perguntas frequentes Sobre Diamond Dust

What is Diamond Dust?

Diamond Dust is an indica dominant hybrid with delicious sweet and sour flavor.

Where does Diamond Dust come from?

Diamond Dust is a cross of Sour Bubble and Double Dream.

What does Diamond Dust smell like?

Diamond Dust has a pungent earthy scent that is mixed with diesel fuel, pine and citrus.

What does Diamond Dust taste like?

Diamond Dust has a sweet citrus flavor that turns more herbal, robust and spicy with its diesel fuel and pine flavor.

What color does Diamond Dust have?

Diamond Dust has hunter green buds that are so heavy cakes in white trichomes that the buds appear silvery white. Whispy orange pistils cover the buds.

What effects does Diamond Dust have?

Consumers of Diamond Dust have shared they experience increased focus, motivation and clarity after ingesting this strain. They say it helps them get the job done as their mind is clear and calm with an ability to hit whatever target they are aiming for.

Is Diamond Dust an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Diamond Dust is an indica dominant hybrid strain.