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Citrus Skunk is a sativa-dominant hybrid that marries the vibrant, invigorating citrus scents of Citral with the legendary Skunk #1 lineage, creating an energizing and flavorful experience. This blend results in a strain that appeals to cannabis connoisseurs and novices alike, thanks to its unique aromatic profile and stimulating effects. The buds of Citrus Skunk are a testament to its quality and potency. They are dense, compact, and often medium to large in size, displaying a vivid tapestry of green hues. Fiery orange pistils thread through the buds, providing a striking contrast to the deep greens. A generous coating of thick, glistening white trichomes gives the buds a frosty appearance, hinting at the rich, flavorful experience that awaits.

The Citrus Skunk strain is famous for its powerful and distinct citrus scent. At first whiff, it is tangy and citric, reminiscent of ripe lemons and sweet oranges. The citrusy notes are overlaid with dank and earthy tones that create the perfect, refreshing and invigorating scent. The experience is nothing like the name might imply. Transcending the moldy and musty stigma associated with skunk strains of weed, this one is truly magnificent.

Citrus Skunk's effects are just as vibrant as its strong flavor and scent. Consumers have described a powerful, stimulating high that brings a burst of energy to the mind and body. When trying this bud, you'll likely first get a surge of euphoria, after which you'll start to feel more creative and in a better mood. You might find that your ability to focus is sharper, or that your thoughts feel more imaginative and free while you're using Citrus Skunk. Beyond that, some people report their sensory perception being more intense and improved overall feelings of wellness from use. Renowned for making every user social and talkative, Citrus Skunk has been recommended for use during the day or at social events.

While Citrus Skunk is celebrated for its recreational qualities, it also holds potential medical benefits. Medical users have shared that its energizing and mood-lifting effects may be beneficial for those dealing with fatigue, depression, or anxiety. The strain's ability to enhance focus can also be helpful for individuals with attention deficit disorders.

Citrus Skunk does well indoors and outdoors. It prefers warm, sunny climates similar to those of its citrus parent. The terpene profile of the strain is heavy in limonene, myrcene, and caryophyllene, which offers a particular citric smell and beneficial effects. Flowering time is about 50 to 63 days (8-9 weeks) providing a manageable option for a range of different experience levels of growers.

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What is Citrus Skunk?

Citrus Skunk is a sativa-leaning hybrid known for its strong citrus and skunk aroma and energizing effects. It is recognized for its uplifting qualities and flavorful profile.

Where does Citrus Skunk come from?

Citrus Skunk is a cross of Citral and Skunk #1.

What does Citrus Skunk smell like?

Citrus Skunk carries a strong and zesty citrus aroma. It often exudes a combination of lemon, orange, or grapefruit scents that are combined with strong earthy and skunky aromas.

What does Citrus Skunk taste like?

Citrus Skunk delivers a burst of citrus flavors, with prominent notes of lemon, orange, or grapefruit. It has strong notes of sweet, earthy, dank and skunky flavors.

What color does Citrus Skunk have?

Citrus Skunk often features shades of vibrant green, with occasional touches of orange or reddish pistils scattered throughout the buds. The buds are dense and compact and have a frosty layers of white trichomes.

What effects does Citrus Skunk have?

Citrus Skunk is known for its energizing and uplifting effects that start with a cerebral high that promotes creativity, focus and an uplifted mood. Citrus Skunk's effects are often described as invigorating, potentially providing a burst of energy and mental clarity.

Is Citrus Skunk an Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid?

Citrus Skunk is typically classified as a sativa-leaning hybrid strain.