Purple Dragon

THC: 19-21% CBD: 0.03% Nighttime

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About this Indica Strain

Purple Dragon is a heavily indica hybrid cannabis strain with a powerful, long-lasting high that takes you through many stages. Cerebral energy breezes in at first, elevating the mind and bringing with it a mellow euphoria. Over time the stimulation gives way to a relaxing body buzz that can help with sleep. Consumers report using Purple Dragon to treat nausea, depression, stress, pain, inflammation.

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Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 19-21%
Δ9-THC: 0.21%
CBD: 0.03%
CBN: <0.01%
THC-A: 19.17%
Δ8-THC: <0.01%
CBD-A: 0.14%
CBC: 0.01%
CBG: <0.01%
CBG-A: 1.00%
Terpene Lab Data
Terpene Amount
Alfa-humuleen: 0.88%
Bèta-caryofylleen: 0.41%
Bèta-mycreen: 0.33%
Alfa-pineen: 0.23%
Limoneen: <0.01%
Linalool: <0.01%
Terpinoleen: <0.01%