Purple Trainwreck

THC: 18% CBD: <1% Daytime

About this Hybrid Strain

Also known as Grand Daddy Wreck, Purple Trainwreck is a sativa-dominant cannabis hybrid strain that bares deep green, leafy buds with traces of violets. Its aroma is a combination of berries and lemons, often tasting sweet yet sour like citrus.

The normal THC average for this strain rests at about 18%, give or take a few depending on conditions of the crop that has been grown. Its high is described as producing energy in the consumer as well as a euphoric mindset that helps melt stresses away. It can be used in the afternoons or evenings, since it will produce a slight body buzz leaving the consumer a little on the sleepy side once the high wears down. Many reviewers claim to love the light body high, not being potent enough to couch-lock.

Headaches and Paranoia are symptoms one should be aware of if this strain is consumed improperly. Some have reported slight phases of dizziness.


Cannabinoid Lab Data
Cannabinoid Amount
THC: 18%
CBD: <1%


Its parent strains are a cross between the hybrid Trainwreck and indica Grand Daddy Purple.