Why Every Canna-Chef Should Have A Cream Whipper & Nitrous Oxide Charger

Infusing liquids with cannabis is now faster and easier than ever.


For those of us interested in creating our own cannabis-infused concoctions, waiting for the infusion to take place over the course of several days – if not, weeks – can be overly time-consuming as it wears down on our patience.

Allowing decarbed cannabis to fuse with an alcoholic beverage is a great example. Most recipes you’ll find require a week-long waiting period for the cannabis and alcohol to ferment with one another to create the fusion – and the end result is a murky, off-green liquid that tastes like overly-ripe cannabis pulled from someone’s backyard. That’s not what we want, is it?

Keep the Taste, Save Your Patience

The “new” way of infusing your cannabis with your drink is by doing it via a cream whipper and nitrous oxide. This method has been used by bartenders for a few years now that like to infuse their drinks with herbs, fruits, spices, etc. Just take a quick look at this old article posted in 2010 – it shows you different infusion times (30 seconds, 1 min, 2 mins, etc.) and the differences between using cold and room-temp liquids along with other useful facts:

Infusion Profusion: Game-Changing Fast ‘N Cheap Technique

If you’re serious about infusing alcohol, or any “clear” liquid for that matter, then you’re going to pay a bit of cash to get the materials you need – but only between $30-100 for the cream whipper, with nitrous oxide chargers selling between $20-100 depending on how many you get. It’s worth it though, and will save you tons of time while allowing your patience to go towards other wait-worthy obligations.

The Things You Can Do…

Infuse not only your alcoholic beverages, but consider the possibilities for both drinks and ingredients. Keep in mind that while you may be infusing your liquid with cannabis and its decarbed components, liquids other than alcohol will not act as a solvent, rather, using a nitrous oxide charger infuses your drink similar to cooking unlike a tincture.

  • Fruit Juice
  • Lemonade
  • Cold Coffee
  • Tea
  • Vinegar
  • Extracts for baking (Vanilla, Almond, Raspberry, etc.)

Just Remember: Decarboxylation

If you decide to grab yourself a cream whipper and nitrous oxide charger(s) for infusing drinks or ingredients with cannabis, just be sure to use decarbed cannabis - or decarb it at some point within the recipe being followed. To decarb your cannabis, take a look at our article here onHow to Properly Cook with Infused Ingredientswhich also notes decarbing basics.

Enjoy Your Cannabis Faster

These are the reasons why you should consider adding cannabis to your drinks and ingredients via a cream whipper:

1. Save Time. Using a cream whipper takes 30 seconds to 2 minutes as opposed to 7-10 days.
2. Save Money. After your initial investment in the cream whipper and nitrous oxide, consider how much money you’ll save making your own cannabis-infused drinks. They’re bound to be horribly expensive at bars and like (well, once all the legalities are done and over with concerning cannabis legalization and use in public).
3. Experiment with Your Favorite Flavors. Want your vodka to be infused AND taste like raspberry-mango? Yes, you can add small fruit chunks in the cream whipper to include more flavors in your drink…
4. Make Baking Enticing. Yes, getting baked can be fun, but baking to make edibles to get baked can be fun too! This is a new area & era of culinary artistry - so get creative!

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