Red Dwarf

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Red Dwarf is a 100% pure indica strain that’s known for its extremely short flowering period (but lower THC levels). Its buds are shaped like arrowheads, a mint green in color, and have light brown pistils throughout. Emitting a skunky but floral-like scent, Red Dwarf has a similar taste with undertones of coffee. 

Red Dwarf first blossomed under the care of Buddha Seeds. Its genetics are a cross between the indica White Dwarf and landrace Ruderalis.  

THC levels average between 7-15%, making this a great choice for novice consumers. Its high immediately brings on a full sense of relaxation in both the body and mind, often leading towards sedation. Because of this, its best to consume this strain in the evenings or at night. The mind will be spacey and focus won’t come easy as distractions are more notable. However, reviewers enjoy this strain’s ability to help with migraines, tension headaches, chronic pain and appetite problems. 

Though low in THC levels, Red Dwarf can in fact create dizziness, paranoia, or headache when improperly consumed. 

It takes only six weeks for Red Dwarf to fully flower, making this a fabulous strain for the more impatient breeder. Its size is also smaller than the average indica, making it good for indoor growth. 

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THC: 7-15%

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Red Dwarf - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Red Dwarf