Plum Crazy

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If you’re a fan of strains with an appealing appearance, you’ll enjoy finding the rare Nevada native called Plum Crazy bred by Green Life Productions. Its buds are often dotted with hues of purple which is how it got its name. A well cultivated batch of Plum Crazy will look as if small plums are hiding within its leaves and flowers.

Scent-wise, it’s often been compared with plums as well, though it does have other fruity, yet earthy undertones and the exhale tends to lean more towards a fresh soil aftertaste as well.

Lab tests have shown that Plum Crazy averages a THC level in the high teens and has an abundance of the terpenes myrcene, limonene, and pinene. Effects have been described by reviewers as being heavy, sometimes bringing on couch-lock, but relieving pain and aches by replacing them with a pleasant body buzz. Effects can differ, however, as other reviewers have noted they’ve enjoyed activities such as video games or engaging in a hobby while using Plum Crazy. This strain is a hybrid, so either sativa or indica effects may surface depending on how the strain interacts with your body and how much has been taken.

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Plum Crazy - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Plum Crazy

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What is Plum Crazy?

Plum Crazy is a heavy and rare indica dominant hybrid bred by Green Life Productions.

Where does Plum Crazy come from?

Plum Crazy is believed to be a cross of Original Blueberry and Purple Afghani.

What does Plum Crazy smell like?

Plum Crazy smells of a fresh flower boquet with sweet undertones of fruit and rich peppery earth.

What does Plum Crazy taste like?

Plum Crazy has a sweet and fruity flavor that maybe compare to tasty like plums. It finishes with a more floral and peppery taste.

What color does Plum Crazy have?

Plum Crazy has forest green buds that are highlighted with darker blues and purples. Its leaves are larger than average and are glued together by its thick frosting of white trichomes. Burnt orange pistils are scattered amongst the cracks of these rounded buds.

What effects does Plum Crazy have?

Plum Crazy has been described as having powerful sedative effects that make users lethagic and glued to whatever they decide to relax on. Many also say that it provides a pleasant body buzz that replaces any aches or pains.

Is Plum Crazy an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Plum Crazy is an indica dominant hybrid.