Platinum Purple

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Индика сұрыпы туралы

If you’re familiar with the various colors of cannabis strains, you’re aware that Platinum Purple must be a delicious indica. This strain emits a powerful berry-like scent and produces buds that have various shades of purple spread throughout its deep-green nuggets.

And like many other indica strains, Platinum Purple has been reported by many reviewers to be incredibly relaxing for both the body and mind. Some have enjoyed this strain for its potential in helping with insomnia while others have said they like it because they’ve experienced a clear-headed high that eased aches and pains.

Be sure to have a meal or some snacks on hand once trying Platinum Purple because some reviewers have noted it can increase appetite and may also help to alleviate nausea.

THC levels tend to average in the mid-20’s and CBD has been tested at .06%.

Зертханалық мәліметтер

Каннабиноидтың зертханалық мәліметтері
Каннабиноид Мөлшер
THC: 25.589%
Терпеннің зертханалық мәліметтері
Терпен Мөлшер
Бета-кариофиллена: 0.832%
Бета-мирцен: 0.727%
Альфа-гумулен: 0.215%

Genetic Шежіре

Жиі Қойылатын Сұрақтар туралы Platinum Purple

What is Platinum Purple?

Platinum Purple is an indica strain

Where does Platinum Purple come from?

Platinum Purple is a pure-bred indica

What does Platinum Purple smell like?

Platinum Purple has a distinct berry-like scent that is sweet and fruity with musky undertones.

What does Platinum Purple taste like?

Platinum Purple has a smooth and fruity flavor that has been compared to berries. As the flavor develops it turns into a more musky sour flavor.

What color does Platinum Purple have?

Platinum Purple has rounded ever-green buds that are highlighted with a heavy amount of purple. It has scatter thin orange pistils and a frosting of white trichomes which glue it all together in the best way.

What effects does Platinum Purple have?

Consumers of Platinum Purple have said that it is extremely relaxing for both body and mind. It is a true indica that will make your eyes droop, body melt and worries disappear. Users have mentioned that it ignites their hunger; more specifically their snack cravings. Others have also said this is a perfect strain before bed.

Is Platinum Purple an Indica, Sativa or Hybrid?

Platinum Purple is an indica strain.