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The cannabis strain Ogre derives its name from the heavy body stone that its potency induces. Its buds emit a lemony aroma that’s spicy and powerful, displaying mossy green leaves with hints of purple or brown in some crops.

Ogre’s parents are both potent Kush strains: Master Kush (descending from Skunk #1) and Bubba Kush (descending from OG Kush). 

The average THC content of Ogre rests at 13% and can reach up to 19%. Its high begins with numbing waves that slowly progresses throughout the body, generally starting with the chest and spine. It will increase appetite and induce the munchies in many cases. It creates the classic indica body stone that leaves one feeling relaxed and sleepy. Its best used at night because of its sedating effects. 

Negative side-effects are the typical – dry mouth and eyes. In some cases when improperly consumed, dizziness, headaches, or paranoia can occur in mild to moderate phases. 

Growers will find that they can only obtain this strain as a clone. 

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Каннабиноид Мөлшер
THC: 13%

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Ogre - Indica Cannabis Strain
Indica Ogre